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We, the Nova Colonia Commerce GmbH (NCC), are pleased to welcome you to our website,

We hope to meet your requirements and wishes.



All of our efforts are heading to the satisfaction of our customers.

From any possible difficulties or simple questions that you may have, our Customer Service provides a fast assistance and quick solutions system, in order to ensure this goal.

We guarantee our customers a high level of quality and professionalism. We invite you to try it and assure yourself of it.

This innovative way of e-commerce is perfect for established small business, but it also helps newcomers to quickly and easily establish their own online trading.



The Customer Service is the heart of the NCC. It has the task to take care of all the desires, needs and problems of our customers, as quickly as possible, and to find solutions to any problem that may appear, so that a fluid and uncomplicated trade is guaranteed at all times.

The Nova Colonia Commerce GmbH is a young, ambitious and innovative wholesale company based in Cologne, Germany, that since 2014 specializes in the sale and distribution of computer and mobile phone accessories, with an extra focus on the marketing of high quality remote controlled models and their spare parts.

The NCC provides innovation particularly through their distribution methods. Apart from the traditional sale of products to distributors, there is the possibility of Dropshipping.

In the Dropshipping system, the merchandise is sent directly from the NCC as a wholesaler to the end customer, without the retailer having any physical contact to the product.

This eliminates all storage, shipping and transportation costs for the retailer, which gives them the opportunity to fully concentrate themselves on the marketing and presentation of the products in their own online shop.

This way, the Nova Colonia Commerce GmbH creates a service that permanently assures the customers satisfaction.

Years of experience with Dropshipping and the third-party business, make the NCC a predestined contact and trading partner for anyone who wants to open its own online trading business or to expand the one they already have.



Your Nova Colonia Commerce GmbH Team


Patricia Ugarte
General Manager